The Leisure Hive Parts Three and Four

Shall we talk a bit about costumes today? After all my banging on about whether or not the series felt different overnight yesterday I forgot to even mention one of the other changes — Tom Baker gets a complete overhaul of his costume for — really — the first time ever.

I always thought there were three main costumes for Baker’s Doctor Who. There’s the corduroy jacket he wears in Season Twelve with a cardigan, the look he sports for the next five years, and then the Season Eighteen outfit. …

The Leisure Hive Parts One and Two

I wasn’t much a fan of Destiny of the Daleks at the start of last season. It came out with a below average score, and left be feeling a bit bored. That said, at least they’d decided to open the season with the attention-grabbing headline of the Daleks coming back, while this episode launches the new run of adventures with an exciting 90-second panoramic view of Brighton beach.

The Horns of Nimon Parts Three and Four

The Nimon be praised!

I’ve a complicated relationship with the Nimon. I think the idea behind them is fantastic. One scout setting itself up as a god on an unsuspecting planet and using the people it finds there as a means to bring the rest of the race through to ravage and destroy. …

The Horns of Nimon Parts One and Two

Nightmare of Eden Parts Three and Four

This episode is the big one for monster hunters — it’s our first real look at the Mandrels in all their glory. They’re often used as an example of silly Doctor Who monsters, but I have to admit that I really like them!

Nightmare of Eden Parts One and Two

Only in Doctor Who could you go from an episode yesterday where our hero appears to fellate a giant green bin bag to one today in which the main enemy for much of the running time is set up to be drugs runners. I always forget that’s such a part of this story, because it feels like surprisingly heavy material for this show, especially at a time when the show has been leaning more into comedy than ever before.

Creature from the Pit Parts Three and Four

I sat down really excited to watch this episode today. One of my favourite things during this marathon is discovering that I really enjoy a story I didn’t give much of a thought to before hand. It’s happened a few times through the year, and Creature from the Pit has been shaping up to be something of an undiscovered gem.

Creature from the Pit Parts One and Two

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